The Study of Life
It's more than just blueprints and floor plans. It's an expression of your lifestyle. So if you are looking to create something special for yourself, LG Tokarsky - Architect, LLC will design a true custom home tailored specifically to your sensibilities. The process of creating a new custom home is probably the most challenging and most rewarding service that we provide. Custom residential design reaches its highest form when the final product not only serves the purely functional aspects but it reaches past them to more artistic goals. Ancient Roman architect Vitruvius stated it best over 2000 years ago when he said that in order for a building to be good architecture it must adhere to 3 essential principals.

Commodity - Does your home meet all of your essential needs? Does it have all of the spaces you desire? Are the rooms of sufficient size and shape to house the functions you intend? And does the floor plan flow from room to room in a workable and efficient manner?

Firmness - Is your home built to last? Will it effectively withstand the forces of nature such as wind and rain? Is it energy efficient? Not only is it built to all applicable building and zoning codes but is it built with an extra level of care? Finally, is it built with craftsmanship?

These first two aspects of good architecture typically are seen as what most might regard as 'good building'. But it is the final component that separates 'good building' from 'good architecture'. It is what raises architecture above just being 'good building' to being an artform.

Delight - So does your home inspire you? Do you gain pleasure through the experience of living in your home? Do the forms and the spaces touch you and provide you with a lasting positive aesthetic response? Is your home something special?

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